Features that make life easier.

Manage multiple cloud providers effortless. Switch between them while keeping a unified view of all your data, resources and services.
Multiple Cloud Provider
Bring all your cloud providers together and manage yours servers easily from one place.
Free or Custom SLL
You can obtain free SSL certificates with LetsEncrypt or use a custom SSL provider (Cloudflare, Comodo, etc).
Automated Setup
We install and configure everything you need to be up and running in a matter of minutes on the cloud of your choice.
Security Level
Servers access require SSH key authentication, has automatic security updates and the firewall configured.
You can easily manage schedule tasks to run at specific or predefined intervals on your server.
PHP Versions
Managing multiple sites on a server using different PHP versions can be a challenge, we can help you with that.
Push To Deployment
We can automatically deploying your app, integrated with your source control, just push code changes to your branch.
Teams allow you to share servers with your teammates and friends, with granular permissions.
Zero Downtime Deployment
Deployment is done in the background. Once finished, it will automatic switch to the new version, otherwize rollback to the previous one.

Customer success stories.

Successful entrepreneurs who had help from Virtiz to grow their businesses.
  • Filipe Dias
    I've been using Virtiz for a few months now and I'm really impressed with the cloud panel and php features. It's easy to use and has a great interface.
  • Sergio Martins
    Owner of Urb Tecnologia
    Virtiz is incredibly user-friendly, making navigation and data management exceptionally smooth. It is highly responsive with near-zero downtime, ensuring flawless work continuity.
  • João Bittencourt
    Owner of Aprova Legal
    Being able to access the application from anywhere, at any time, has significantly increased productivity within our team. The application promotes seamless collaboration, making our work environment more dynamic and our team more connected.
  • Lucas Castellani
    The panel is easy to use and navigate, and the backups are reliable and efficient. Deployment is also easy and fast, and I have been able to get my servers up and running quickly.
  • Willian Haus
    Easy to manage my deployments and I love that they offer zero downtime deployment. It's been a great experience so far and I highly recommend Virtiz for anyone looking for a reliable app deployment solution.
  • Donald Gustar
    The deployment process is incredibly easy with their cloud panel and push to deploy feature. I'm able to quickly and easily get my sites up and running with Virtiz.

Be ready in 3 steps.

Managing servers should be straightforward, and that's where Virtiz steps in. Implement the following three steps to begin using it.
Create a server
Choose from any of these server providers.

Digital Ocean




Install your application
Connect your Git repository or install a one click app.





Deploy your application
Click to deploy and watch the magic happen 🧙

Mon, Nov 7, 2023 08:12 AM

15 files changed, 5921 insertions(+), 5 deletions(-)


🚀 Application deployed!

Our plans. Flexible prices.

Choose the plan that fits your needs.
$ 0 /
1 Server
1 Site
Only Github Source Control
5 Days Log Retention
Basic Support
Zero Downtime Deployment
Push To Deployment
Share Servers With Teammates
Database and File Backups
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$ 9 / month
5 Servers
Unlimited Sites
All Source Controls
15 Days Log Retention
Basic Support
Zero Downtime Deployment
Push To Deployment
Share Servers With Teammates
Database and File Backups
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$ 19 / month
Unlimited Servers
Unlimited Sites
All Github Source Control
30 Days Log Retention
Priority Support
Zero Downtime Deployment
Push To Deployment
Share Servers With Teammates
Database and File Backups
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